Kara Creek Ranch crew standing with horses in front of bunk house
Welcome to the family

The Kara Creek Crew

As soon as you arrive at Kara Creek Ranch, you become part of the family. Here are a few faces you will get to know during your stay:

Monte Snook

Monte Snook

Meet Monte Snook, known as Boss Man and the heart of Kara Creek Ranch. With ranching in his roots, he leads with seasoned cowboy wisdom, ensuring guests embrace the ultimate cowboy experience.

Cassie Snook

Cassie Snook

Meet Cassie Snook, assistant manager and an original cowgirl of Kara Creek Ranch. From helping you book a trip of a lifetime, to creating memorable Western experiences for you, she turns guests into lifelong friends, making every trip unforgettable.

Hayes Snook

Hayes Snook

Meet Hayes Snook, the Grandson of the boss man, an original cowboy at Kara Creek Ranch, and a young helping hand bringing the cowboy spirit to life.

Tanner Lesch


Meet Tanner, the friendly face of Kara Creek Ranch. As a skilled ranch hand, he wrangles cows and guides guests through an authentic cowboy experience.

Devin Garza


Meet Devin Garza, the welcoming presence at Kara Creek Ranch. As a seasoned ranch hand, Devin expertly wrangles cows and ensures guests immerse themselves in the true cowboy experience.

Scott Buckley


Meet Scott, the friendly face behind airport pick-ups and drop-offs at Kara Creek Ranch. He’s also the cocktail craftsman at Kara Creek Saloon, mixing specialty drinks and slinging beers!

Ladena Buckley


Meet, Ladena Kara Creek Ranch’s flavor wizard, serving cowboy classics with a touch of culinary magic. You may also spot her at airport pick-up and drop-off, or serving beers at the Kara Creek Saloon.

Abbey Douglas


Meet Abbey, the heart and flavor of Kara Creek Ranch. A young cook with big taste and a friendly face, serving up authentic cowboy cuisine. Also slinging drinks at Kara Creek Saloon and overseeing our Kara Creek Ranch Beef retail.

Macey Halgren


Meet Macey, the go-to guide at Kara Creek Ranch, welcoming new guests, helping in the barn and outside, working in the kitchen, and serving cold drinks at the Kara Creek Saloon.



Meet Laura, the force behind the cleanliness and order at Kara Creek Ranch, ensuring everything is spotless and tidy!

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