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Kara Creek Ranch has a variety of lodging options available. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have a rooming preference, please provide that with your reservation. 

The main ranch house has four bedrooms with two shared bathrooms All cabins are within walking distance to the ranch house:

IMG 1014Wild Horses – This duplex cabin has a queen bed with a loft on one side and a king bed on the other side. Each side has its own entrance and bathroom. You can book one side or both! This cabin is the farthest from the ranch house but has the perfect view of the horses grazing freely in the evenings and early morning. 

IMG 1008Cowboy Sunset – Our newest cabin at the ranch is a duplex with two twin beds on one side and a queen bed on the other side, each with a private entrance and bathroom. You can book both sides or just one! Both have a kitchenette with coffee maker and refrigerator. This cabin features a large covered deck where the perfect cowboy sunset can be seen! 

IMG 1002The Bunkhouse – Originally built in 1901, this cabin has been remodeled with authentic barn wood with a modern bathroom. It features two bedrooms, one with a queen bed and one with two twin beds along with a comfortable living room, sink, refrigerator and bathroom. This cabin is perfect for families, groups or those looking for more space. 

IMG 0983American Cowboy – This cabin is located directly behind the ranch house and features a large bedroom and bathroom. It is a quaint cabin that provides a private space near the action! Furniture and decorations are focused on the American Cowboy theme. 

IMG 1203Cozy Cottage- This cabin has three twin beds, lots of luggage and storage space and a large bathroom. It is perfect for a single travel or a group of friends! Located right next to the ranch house, it is easy to get to and from.

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