Ranch Activities

Ranch activities revolve around real ranch activities and vary by season:

April – July: The main activities at the ranch during this time of year is branding all the calves that were born over the winter months – this old custom bring with it an opportunity to come together and celebrate the new season. After branding all the calves, you will drive the cattle out to summer pasture for grazing.

July - August: This time of the summer tends to be a little less busy, but there is still plenty of riding to be done. When you are not horseback, you will be able to go on hikes and sightseeing tours, swim in the creek that runs through the ranch, attend local rodeos, and go shopping in the nearby towns. This is a perfect time for families and inexperienced riders to come visit as well!

August – November: After the cattle have grazed freely during the summer months, it’s time to round up the cattle and take them to be sold and move the remaining cattle to winter grazing pastures. This is a great time to visit the ranch if you enjoy riding horses daily and sorting cattle.

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