The Horses

At Kara Creek Ranch, we have primarily quarter horses with some paint and appaloosa horses. Many of the horses on the ranch come from excellent working cow-horse breeding such as Doc Bar, Docs Hickory and King. The horses on the ranch graze freely year-round. They are healthy, strong horses, that are excellent to work cattle with and good companions during drives: satisfying in expert hands, reliable in less expert hands. Many of them are born on the ranch, and are immediately trained and put to work to everyday cowboy chores that they are born to do. At the end of the day they are released to roam and be free in the large pasture around the ranch headquarters. Don’t worry if you haven’t ridden in some time or have never ridden the western way, we will match the horse to your riding level.

  • Courage Is Being Scared To Death And Saddling Up Anyway