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Brilliant! A real fun place to be, especially if you like horses. 

        Ann – England (Spring 2015) 

Loved my time here, the horses are amazing!

        Hayley Hailey – England (Spring 2015)

If you want to live like a cowboy, Kara Creek Ranch is the best place!

        Antje Rossner – Switzerland (Fall 2014)

Had a very nice stay at the ranch with lovely people and good horses. It was a beautiful first experience. I felt involved in the day to day ranch work. Charles shared his passion with us and was really patient. Jody was so sweet with us and she’s a good cook. We will have to be on a diet for a long time………

Thanks so much for everything Monte. My American Dream became reality.

        Gravier Elodie – France (Spring 2013)

First branding of my life with the team of Kara Creek Ranch. EXTRAORDINARY!! I will come back for more ropings. THANK YOU MONTE.

“I wasn’t born a cowboy, I became a cowboy because I knew you”

        Patrick Corrand – France (Spring 2013)

It’s not just a wonderful place to stay. It’s more, a lot more – a second family. You are never the same when you leave because you know after your stay what is the real life! Such nice people and great horses. Every time I leave there is a part of my heart that stays there. Thanks a lot for all the wonderful experiences I have had. Now I only have one wish – Come back soon.

        Valerie Guinois – France ( Spring 2013)

I’m so sad to leave. I am leaving my home and my family…. But I WILL be back.

        Marc Mathe – France (Spring 2013)

We think this is one of the most beautiful places in the world. First you are a guest, then a friend and then you become part of a big family. We are so glad and thankful that we could spend our time here. It was an exciting adventure for us. Thanks for all.

        Katharina Willmes, Denise muenuighoff, Marina Schirmann – Germany (Spring 2013)

As usual it was a great moment in my life. Thanks Monte for being you. I enjoyed every moment around the guests and horses. See you all in the Fall.

        Luc Giordano – France (Spring 2013)

This fulfilled my dreams. I came as a guest and leave not only as a friend but also as a part of your great family. You are always in my heart!

        Barbara Boesenberg – Germany (Spring 2013)

Thank you for that awesome vacation in paradise. We had a great time.

       Sinje Schioberg – Germany (Spring 2013)

An amazing adventure. We thank you for your hospitality, Monte and best of luck to Taylor, Jesse and Austin. Amazing patience! We’ll be back, not sure when, but IT WILL happen.

       Jim, Jeanne and Jeff – USA (Spring 2013)

Still the best! You guys are number 1!

       Geoff Byford – England (Fall 2013) 

Thank you for this lovely get-away and all the great rides. I will miss my horse, Oreo and the ranch.

       Nina Rinnerberger – USA Washington (Fall 2013)

Thank you so much for the wonderful week which will stay one of the best in my whole life. The adventure was far above all my dreams and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks also for the friendship and a special thanks to "Feathers" who carried me the whole week working so well. 

       Michel Wicker - France (Fall 2013)

Thank you so much for the days at your ranch for our honeymoon. You have a beautiful place, great horses and all of you are very friendly. A special thanks to our horses, Lucky and Goldie. We really trust them and feel safe. We will show our pictures to our rider friends. It was an incredible and wonderful experience. Thank you, take care.

       Claire and David Meunier – France (Fall 2013)

Thank you for such an amazing experience. Great people and lovely horses - a trip that will not be forgotten.

       Sally Trousdale – England (Fall 2013)

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