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Come experience the authentic west

Cowboy Experience

Kara Creek Ranch is an authentic working ranch where we run cattle on over 70,000 acres. The activities on the ranch are tied to the actual needs of the ranch and vary based on season. During your stay on the ranch, you may participate in brandings, round-up the cattle, drive them to summer grazing or winter pastures and attend local rodeos and events. In addition to the normal cowboy activities, you will learn about traditional western style cooking, take walks while enjoying Wyoming’s nature, and can visit Native American engravings in the rocks surrounding the ranch.

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You don’t want to miss out on an experience like no other. At Kara Creek Ranch you will experience true cowboy life on our authentic working ranch. Experience the freedom of ranch life – while on the ranch!

In the Spring and Fall, we are open for the full cowboy experience. Come live, work, and ride with us. We offer a one-on-one experience with an average of 20 guests.

Spring (May & June): The main activities at the ranch during this time of year is branding the calves that were born over the winter months – this old custom brings with it an opportunity to come together and celebrate the new season. After branding the calves, you will drive the cattle out to summer pasture for grazing.

Fall (September & October): After the cattle have grazed freely during the summer months, it’s time to round up the cattle and take them to be sold while moving the remaining cattle to winter grazing pastures. This is a great time to visit the ranch if you enjoy riding horses daily and sorting cattle.

cowboy roping a calf